OK, so I know I am old fashion. When I make a big purchase, I like to exam the item first, before I lay down my hard-earned #dollars. Especially if the money is over $50 bucks. I’m old and funny that way. Even if the item is a store display, I don’t care. I can #examine it, tell if it has the #quality I expect, etc. That’s the old-fashioned part. Silly me, but I worked hard for this cash I carry.
Frankly I hate ordering off the #internet. I like dealing with #localbusiness with #local friendly people. People who are trying to stay alive in lousy times. I want to keep them employed. It helps the local economy which eventually helps me and those in my family. I found the item on your #website and expected you to have it. I wasted my gas. What the hell is wrong with you? If you have the item on your website, put have the item on display, so someone can see it, special order or not. I mean after all, you are spending millions of dollars each and every month, for that “big box hardware store” that will remain unnamed, why not use that big ass store to display the same items you have on your stupid website. A website that is a pain in the ass to navigate.
But lets say you have someone like me who goes to the store, because they didn’t see the small print that said the item was a special order. Why not have sales clerks trained to help that person right there in the store? A good sales clerk can make the order for the person and probably up sell for items they may need to go along with it. I mean after-all, they are standing around, picking their nose, talking to the other associates – doing absolutely nothing. I’m serious. I counted 11 store clerks doing absolutely nothing on my way out of your store.
I mean you are paying these people for what? So they can tell a person “Nope – don’t have it here. That’s a #special #order item. You’ll have to order that online.” What the hell do you have a store for? If I wanted to order the item online, why not bypass the store and just order it direct from another state, another city, another economy? While I was at it, why not use another store. Which is what I did.
Do you get the message? I sent my local money to another state. I boosted the economy of another state, another city and another business. When and if you lay off people in this city again, (and I am sure you will) make sure you tell them the reason is due to the lousy economy. I hope they will have read this, so that they can spit in your eye and say “Bullshit.”