About G. Allen Edsson

Welcome to G. Allen Edsson’s Website.
Writer, Educator, and Economic / Political curmudgeon, G. Allen Edsson is a personal enigma. His life, political and economic writings slant to the right with shades of grey on the left. He is often accused of riding the fence by his detractors, spot on and observant by his loyal followers and full of crap by his friends.
He has a family he won’t talk about, a lifestyle he won’t share and personal observations on people, politics and economics, that he shares too often. You will either agree with him, find his observations sometimes funny but on target, or you will join the ranks of those who wish he would just shut up, while waiting anxiously for his next posting.
You are free to use any of his articles just do long as you ask in advance, include this bio with it, and send a courtesy copy of the publication you used it in.


4 thoughts on “About G. Allen Edsson

  1. Allen, thanks for visiting my blog, and for following. After looking at a sample of your postings, I am pleased to be able to follow your blog, as well.

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