I Am – Therefore I Think.

Consider the following. There are those who can, and there are those who think they can. There are those who think and those who think they think. There are those who portray thinking, but they really don’t, they just think they are thinking.

There are the doers, and the thinkers who think they do, but who really don’t. They are often the first to tell you how you should do it. When faced with the ultimatum of doing it themselves, they often do nothing, because once they thought about it, it was not something they wanted to do anyway. They don’t have the time.

Then there are the thinkers who do little else but think and who when forced to do, think about it so long, that by the time they get around to doing it, it isn’t worth doing. These are most often cousins to the doers who can’t do. Then there are the doers who don’t think – they just blindly do, and then they have to do it again and again – because they should have thought about it more.
There are the “have’s” and the “have not’s” – who when asked are often angry with the “haves” for not freely giving them what they “have not” of.

Newspaper reporters love these people. They live on the left and can’t understand why living over there has given them nothing. The have’s on the right stole it all. They could have it – if the “haves” would have given it up, but the have’s do not – therefore the “have not’s” continue not to have. You can read about them every time there is an event that draws national attention. Like a swarm of hungry fly’s – the reporters zoom in on the “have not” in the background who is holding up signs and yelling obscenities. When they land on him, the “have not” is quick to point out that the entire blame lies with those that have. They will someday become a world leader building on a similar platform of what the “haves” are doing wrong. Saddam, Hitler, or some of our own home-grown pack of Washington Socialist, and a slew of current corrupt world leaders come to mind as being prime examples.

There are those who criticize purely for the sake of having something to say and who make money off of saying it. They are the “do nothings.” They fail to look inward and see where the most of their criticism should be directed. They are the hardest to catch also, for they have a logical argument which usually deals with something long since passed, but does little for the fast approaching future. They are the fist raisers, quick to point out the errors, but never offering a solution. I don’t like these people. They may occasionally hit the mark as all good snipers do, but they only expose one little bit of the problem. In most cases, they snipe and run. Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter, or any of the other “Political Pundits” come to mind.

The “do nothings” will sometimes think of a solution, but fail to present it – for fear that it ends up – shock and horror wrong. However, the thinking part allows them to elevate themselves into the realm of the “thinker doer.” However you soon grow tired of them when it becomes clear that they are probably best left as a “have” who never thinks.

The critical issue and primary point of all this, is that come one day, all of these people will sit and ponder the questions of “Was it all worth it?” “What did I accomplish?” “What mark did I make on this world?” and “Will I be remembered for being a “Have,” a “Have Not”, a “Doer” or a “Thinker” who thought themselves out of existence?
Think about it,
or don’t –
it’s up to you.


Why Now?

As simple-minded as I may be, I still believe that as a country – we are on the right track – although we occasionally have our heads stuck in the clouds. (I cleaned that up) I believe in paying my taxes, voting and all the things that allow us the freedom other countries only wish for. Many brave citizens died for this freedom and I believe in honoring those Americans who made it happen and who are making it happen even today.
Nirvana did not come to us at our last election – it never does. Promises made were empty – as are all political promises. We need to remember that the President does not make the economy, but the economy defines the presidency. We elected a man – not a god. We also need to remember that our system of government is still run by the people, and that the presidency has only the limited powers “we allow him to have.” If you want to know how to stop a runaway government, study your history. I have provided links below to historical information everyone should be familiar with.
We control what goes on in Washington, not the other way around. If we are content to let Washington run us, then we cannot say anything when we end up with Washington running every aspect of our lives. We will have allowed it to happen. The country is still in trouble but we control it. See below.
I welcome your comments. Don’t be shy – it’s your country too. I am not running a forum here, preferring to let those run on LinkedIn and Twitter and the various groups I belong to, but I am personally interested in your thinking.

By the way, if you are not sure which side of the fence you are on – either Right, Left, or in the Middle, it might help you to read the Wikipedia Articles on The Political Left and The Political Right and Centrism. Click on the links. They are good refresher dissertations that will help you understand what is happening in today’s political and economic environment. You may decide that you don’t really know what side you stand on, that both have their just arguments. Welcome to my gray world.